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Over 28 years experience in Network Marketing

Over 20 years experience in Internet Marketing

This Page is to introduce myself to all member-users of the Duplication System Tool. As the Creator of the DS, I wish to convey my belief that I have the qualifications and desire to create a history-making tool that will complement the best program in the history of our Network Marketing Industry – proven, Strong Future International.

Let me now tell you that new visitors prospects to my ‘Thank You For Subscribing Page’ at my Funnel Pages will see 2 short paragraphs of ‘My Story’ version, that you see in this page. You will be able to easily personalize your ‘Thank You For Subscribing’ Page, in your own Click Funnel Platform.

You may like to mention the fact that you belong to the largest Team in SFI and that our Team has Exclusivity of the DS because I, the Top Producer in SFI since day one in November 28, 1998, created this powerful DS, with lots of Team Feedbacks.

I have been a serious student and player of MLM since the summer of 1975. Down below, I will share the huge reason why I had a burning desire to replace and surpass my high 5-figure monthly income as a full-time diagnostic radiologist, at that time.

First, allow me to share my humble beginnings as a ‘War Baby’, born during the Second World War. I belonged to a large family of 10 siblings, from a small barrio in a small town in a small province in the Northern Philippines.

My entire family had to run for cover to the nearby hills when Japanese soldiers came to visit our barrio, from their Fort at the downtown proper. In 1941, then US Army Commander of the Pacific Region, General Douglas MacArthur was a Prisoner in Manila. He was able to escape to Australia, with his family, using a PT boat.

His famous promise to the Filipino people, “I Shall Return” was fulfilled in 1945 when he came back and liberated the entire country, with the help of Filipino Guerrilla fighters.

Just imagine the huge hurdles and sacrifices for me and my entire family have to endure, fight and win for me to make it as the only medical doctor, in a large family clan of both my parents’ sides. No Student Loans in the Philippines.

Right after the Philippine Medical Board Exam, I flew to the USA for my post-graduate trainings, all in Chicago, Illinois. I had one-year Rotating Internship, one-year of General Surgery Residency and three-year Residency in Radiology, at the University of Illinois Hospitals,

Right after my Radiology Residency, I joined a small group practice in Champaign, Illinois, where I practiced for eight years before moving to Dallas, Texas in 1980. REASON WHY I DEIDED TO GIVE MY BEST IN MLM, IN 1975: I did not know because my Career Adviser in Medical School never mentioned the fact that radiologists worked under contracts like a regular business contract worker. I was born with an Entrepreneur Mind-set.

n the 1980’s, I had great success in two Business Opportunity MLMs. but both lasted less than 2 years. The first opportunity that I teamed up with Gery Carson, in the mid-1990’s was a great success because of the arrival of the Internet in the early 1990’s. Our Team pioneered Internet MLM recruiting and we easily dominated. However, that company, that was based in Dallas, Texas, lasted about one year, Our Team switched to Herbalife where we also easily dominated due to the Internet.

Because Herbalife could ship its nutritional products to only 26 countries at that time, our Team switched after 8 or 9 months, to Life-force International. After about 2 years in Lifeforce International, countries that allowed shipment of LFI products to, dwindled rapidly, forcing Gery Carson to create SFI, to serve the needs of our SFI Team in 209 countries. SFI had an explosive growth in its first 3 years, allowing great income for the pioneering SFI affiliates/Leaders. At the beginning, SFI stood for Six-Figure Income. Many were aiming to reach 6-figure income per year. My written goal was 6-figure income per month. to replace and surpass my full-time high five-figure per month radiologist income. Leaders quit or laid low, like I did from 2002 to 2012. It had been a 17 year downtrend in monthly SFI commissions for the Leaders who have contacted me.